MS400 Digital Control Hi-speed Slitter

· Slitting for film, paper or laminated material
· Unwinding width adjusting manually
· Servo driving system
· Razor knife slitting
· Air friction shafts for rewinding
· Unloading the finished rolls manually
· Maintenance information on touch screen
· Splicing table with nip bars to fix the material
· Separated tension control system
· Center rewinding mode
· Marking the rewinding core position by laser
· Self diagnosis
· Remote diagnosis and services

Standard Option
· width of working face: 1300mm 1800mm(max)
· Diameter of unwinding: φ800mm(max) φ1200mm(max)
· Thickness of material: 12μm-150μm more than 150μm
· Diameter of rewinding: φ600mm(max) --
· Width of rewinding: 50mm(min) 25mm(min)
· Working speed: 400m/min(max) 500m/min(max)
* Unwinding width adjusting automatically
* Dancing roller
* Easy tear on line
* Stop by pictures accounting
* 6 inch rewinding mode
* Unwinding rool loading sami-automatically
* Other width on request
* Expander roller
* Circle knife slitting mode
* Air hole on line
* Gap roller rewinding mode
* Unloading the finished rolls automatically
* Link to ERP